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Stephen Schwartz on Writing Songs for Musicals

By special arrangement with Stephen Schwartz

Stephen Schwartz

About songwriting

Writing lyrics

About "I Want" songs

Writing music and music production notes

More notes from Stephen Schwartz about writing songs for musicals

In 2010, Mr. Schwartz traveled to Australia to perform and give seminars to musical writers and singers. Drew Lane captured some of the points he mentioned on a website. Things such as:

About the goal of songs for musicals

The following comment from a fan shows how Stephen Schwartz's songs make a contribution to someone's life:

"For me, Wicked has been an incredibly eye-opening musical. I have felt so many of the songs impact me in an emotional profoundness I never expected. I can feel Elphaba's excitement in the prospect of acceptance in 'The Wizard and I', I can tap into my own formula for sociability while singing 'Popular'with Galinda, I can feel the liberty of Elphie's first flight in 'Defying Gravity', and I can cry with the agony of separation in 'For Good'.
All in all, Stephen Schwartz's music has become a frame to the world I look at daily, giving everything an accent of beauty, poignancy, and just a little bit of beautiful, green-tinted, enchantment. A truly astounding musical, Wicked will always hold a special place in my heart."

Noah B. of Oregon

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