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About William (Bill) Squier

William Squier MuscialWriters columnistWilliam Squier is a prolific musical theater writer and journalist whose works have been featured around the country. He is a regular columnist here at MusicalWriters.com for The Musical Writerzine newsletter. See his Musical Writerzine column: Growing Stages in most newsletter issues.

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William Squier Bio: An Emmy Award winner for writing WKYC-TV’s Unusual Phenomenon, WILLIAM SQUIER’s musicals and plays have also appeared

Off-B’way: The Treatment of Doctor Love (Playhouse 91);

Off-Off B’way: G-Man (Nat Horne Theatre), Babalu (Sanford Meisner, music/co-lyrics: J. Goldstein);

Walt Disney World: Disney’s Doug Live! (a four million dollar production and the park’s first 100% original musical; music: J. Lodin);

Regionally: Blindsided by a Diaper (Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival’s THE PITCH, Curtain Call, Inc., Weston Playhouse, co-book: D. Hilmer, music: J. Lodin), Boywonder (Contemporary Arts, Depot Theatre), 100 Years into the Heart (New York Musical Theater Festival, Spirit of Broadway, Village Theatre, 4th Wall Theater, book: R. Vetere, music: J. Lodin), The Klemperers’ New Clothes (Actors’s Playhouse, Columbia Entertainment Co., CC., SBT, Newark Academy, L.A. Festival of New American Musicals, music: N. Weiss), Rebels 1775 (Starlight Theatre, SBT, New England Theater Conference, co-book: J. Allen, M. Allen, music: J. Lodin), Route 66 (Depot Theatre in summer 2013, Stamford Center for the Arts, Kansas City Musical Theater Festival, University of Maine, Village Theater co-book: J. Goldstein, music: F. Stark), The Three Scrooges (CC, Ingersoll Theatre, licensed by Miracle of 2 Prod., music/co-book: J. Goldstein), Top of the Heap (New York Musical Theater Festival, Cardiff International Musical Theater Festival, CC, New  Voices in the Heartland, The Theatre Building Chicago, SBT, Gallery Players, music: J. Lodin)

He has been commissioned to write a musical adaptation of the children’s book Merrilee Mannerly and her Magnificent Manner in collaboration with Merrilee’s creators Mary Cashman, Cynthia Whipple and composer Jeffrey Lodin;

Television: It’s the Weekend (ABC, music: J. Goldstein), P.B.&J. Otter (Disney Channel, music: J. Lodin);

Film: Doug’s First Movie (music: J. Lodin);

Other: He wrote the lyrics for the song that opened International Children’s Festival in Paris; in workshop: AMAS, ASCAP/Disney Musical Theater Workshop (CA, FL & NY), CAP 21, the Directors Company, the Drama League, Ensemble Theatre (Santa Barbara), Music in a Box, the Stamford Center for the Arts, the Theatre Building (Chicago) and the York Theatre.

His musical theater writing has been awarded a 2003 Artist Fellowship from the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, the Southwest Theatre Association’s 2003 Coleman A. Jennings Script Contest, the 2003 Jackie White Memorial Playwriting Contest, a 2004 Meet the Composer grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts, a 2005 Spirit Award for Best Lyrics, the 11th Annual National Children’s Festival’s new script award in 2006, the 2006 Global Search for New Musicals and the National Music Theater Network’s 2007 Director’s Choice Award. 

Bill’s writing for other media includes newspapers, magazines, radio and an award-winning series of home videos on parenting issues. His articles, profiles and reviews have appeared in national publications that include Newsweek Magazine. He was a contributor to the Three Rivers Press essay collection Blindsided by a Diaper.

To send suggestions, comments, or questions write to carol@musicalschwartz.com

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