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Support Your Own Production by Producing Your Own Show

Having trouble finding production support for your musical? Maybe its up to you. Many writers end up producing their own readings, workshops, and even complete musicals. Producing skills and know how can be learned.

The Commercial Theater Institute

The Commercial Theater Institute trains individuals in the business of producing shows for stage. It is considered by many to the be theatre industry's leading training and professional development program in this field.

Their website describes their annual intensive and other workshops. Commercial Theater Institute

Producing involves legal concerns, business concerns, artistic concerns. They have courses that can help.

Ken Davenport on Producing; Get Your Show Off the Ground

Producer Ken Davenport is always offering programs for related to producing shows. Some are taped, some are in NYC. Some are about working with investors or budgeting. Some are marketing oriented.

Get Your Show Off the Ground

Get Your Show Off teh Ground is a seminar by Ken Davenport with a spin off book. For the book, see: 50 Tips on How to Get Your Show off the Ground: The Producer's Perspective

For the seminar see

Broadway producing 101 - intro - this page includes a video about 3 Fundamentals of Theater Producing or go directly to Broadwayproducing101.

Fundraising for your show

Maybe these books will help.


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Above: From the Commercial Theatre Institute

Below: Ken Davenport's tips on producing


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