Showing Short Pieces: Part of the Musical Writing Journey

July 12, 2016

Short Takes Perfecting a musical can be a multi-year, sometimes wearying project. That’s why experienced musical writers often keep themselves encouraged through short presentations. They either submit their work to an established program that showcases excerpts or they organize their own opportunity. Being part of a short-format program may also help further a show on […]

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Showcasing Your Musical Online

June 10, 2016

Trudee Lunden, Singer/Songwriter/Lyricist/Librettist, knows her way around the online music world. In this article she shares tips for musical writers. (For more about new musicals, see the Musical Writerzine.) Showcasing Your Musical Online by Trudee Lunden Showcasing your musical online has never been easier. In addition to creating a website for your new musical, innovative digital platforms […]

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Song Rewrites – Tips for the Musical Writing Journey

May 18, 2016

PHOTO: Lyricist Susan Birkenhead and composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz at the 2016 ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop in NYC, discussing recommended rewrites for a new musical. Photo by Carol de Giere. Many Drafts…. It’s All Part of a Musical Writer’s Job Anyone creating a new musical needs a strategy or attitude to carry them through what may seem […]

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How to Plan a Musical Reading

April 23, 2016

Planning a New Musical Reading by Carol de Giere This article is being published in conjunction with Musical Writerzine issue 33. One of the best ways to test a new musical is by listening to it while others read and sing. For those who are new to the process, here are some basic points about […]

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Readings at The Vortex Repertory Company

April 14, 2016

The Vortex Repertory Company in Austin, one of the cultural hot spots of Texas, is well known for attracting cutting-edge artists and supporting new works. They have produced more than 100 world premieres of musicals, plays, operas, and other forms. As part of their efforts, they offer a reading series once a month called Second […]

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Woods Hole Theater Readings

January 9, 2016

Staged Readings on Cape Cod If you’ve finished a complete draft of a new musical, you need to hear it read aloud. After a “table” read and rewrites, you’re ready for a stage reading. Not only can a staged reading help you witness your piece as an audience member does, but it allows you to […]

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Keeping Your Story on Track

August 14, 2015

In “Keeping Your Story on Track,” guest blogger Steve Cuden provides story crafting tips for writers of new musicals. I invited him to write about this topic after seeing a new musical that seemed to wander off course, as if the writers lost the core story in the details of subplots and throughlines of secondary […]

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Adaptation Rights and Repurposing a Musical

June 17, 2015

Introduction to Michael Lunsford’s Article about Musical Adaptation and Rights Issues This article is posted in conjunction with Musical Writerzine issue 30 Author, composer, and playwright Michael Lunsford offers a case study in what to do when there are rights issues with adapted material. He is one of many musical writers who have faced challenges over […]

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Noteworthy Tips for Getting Your Music Licensed for TV, Film, and Other Media

June 17, 2015

Introduction to Trudee Lunden’s article This article is posted in conjunction with Musical Writerzine issue 30 Have you ever heard someone else’s song playing during a TV program or movie and wished one of your pieces could fill a spot like that? In this article, songwriter Trudee Lunden explores the possibilities. See PDF File below […]

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Getting into Character; Landing with a Song

March 2, 2015

Tips for Writing New Musicals. This article is posted in connection with Musical Writerzine issue 29. By Steve Cuden, Co-Creator of Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical Author of Beating Broadway: How to Create Stories for Musicals That Get Standing Ovations What do audiences care about most in musicals? Is it an intricate, multi-layered plot with a great twist […]

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