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How To Write a Musical - Reviews of Best Books Follow the link to our annotated list of helpful "How To" books on writing musicals that have been published in the USA and UK. You'll also find William Squier's reviews of essential books for writing a musical.

The Making of Musicals - get the behind-the-scenes scoop. Behind-the-scenes books on the making of musicals are really valuable for writers and fans. They offer insights on the creative process. They bring you a fascinating glimpse into a world you would otherwise never know. The Making of Wicked, My Fair Lady, Gypsy, West Side Story, and many more.

Reference Books and Handbooks - Essential Resources Dramatists Sourcebook, Dramatists Guild Resource Directory, and more: books for getting your musical produced, for grants and awards info, legal resources, and guides about getting produced.

Biographies: Composers, lyricists, and Book Writers - Find inspiring models for writing your own musical.

Orchestrations - Once the songs are finished, there's still plenty to be done. Explore Broadway orchestrations. (Or if you want to hire out your musical arrangement work, see our Musical help with your musical page.)

Creativity: Keep your creative juices flowing.

Music Software. Okay, it's not a book category but this was the easiest place to list software that composers and playwrights need.

To send questions or comments, write to the website publisher Carol de Giere. See the contact page.

RECOMMENDED BOOKS (see ad above):

Beating Broadway: How to Create Stories for Musicals That Get Standing Ovations.


Second Act Trouble - an advice book


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