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How musicals are created. How to write musicals.

What's Here for Musical Writers and Musical Fans?

"Muscial Writerzine" Newletter / EzineMusical Writerzine featured new musical

Are you writing a musical or involved with a new musical creation? This newsletter will help! It includes updates on festivals, workshops, and important publications. The Musical Writerzine also includes our "Growing Stages" column: feature articles about theatres that produce new musicals. GO TO Free online newsletter for musical writers - unique to this website.

Musical Theatre Writers Survival GuideBooks - Your essential library

Here you will find book recommendations related to new musicals, in various categories: How To Write a Musical, The Making of Musicals (examples), Reference Guides, Biographies, Orchestrations books, and Creativity. We also include music software. GO TO Books for writers of musicals for stage and film

Tips for Writing New Musicals

Here you'll find tips from Stephen Schwartz, Steve Cuden, and others on musical structure, book, lyrics, and music, as well as a list of consultants who can help with your new musicals. GO TO our Musical Musings Blog and Musical Writing Tips

Critiques - Help with Completing Your New Musical

Here's where to find help for your new musical. Critiques - Feedback

We've collected names of expert consultants who can help you with whatever stage you are at, for a fee. We're also holding our own workshops. Need a script doctor? Here's where to look.

Musicals on DVD

Whether or not you're attempting your own musical, you can enjoy essential DVDs listed here. Find important musicals in the history of theatre, many with "making of ..." special features that can provide insights on how musicals are made. GO TO Musicals on DVDs

Exploring Musicals

There's so much to learn. Here you'll find Study Guides for over 30 musicals with insights for musical theatre fans and writers, From 1776 to Wicked. GO TO Explore Stage and Film Musicals

Practical Resources for Getting Produced

Stephen Schwartz and Craig Carnelia Tips, musical festivals, theatres that present new works, and more

GO TO Getting Musicals Produced

Photo: Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Wicked, Pippin) and Craig Carnelia (Working, Is There Life After High School) discuss musical works-in-progress with participants at an ASCAP musical theatre workshop


Why should we care about new musicals?

Every generation experiences music and musicals in a new way in light of cultural changes and social needs. While enjoying the artistic creations of the past, we need new expressions that give voice to the current times.

And we need variety. How many times can you see Oklahoma in one lifetime? As wonderful as it is, we'd be a much poorer culture without the riches of varied musicals.

But the process of making new musicals is so difficult because of the multiple facets and collaboration needs, that people working in the genre need support. They need resources, ideas, places to test their shows, and new audiences.

MusicalWriters.com is here to provide some support.-- Carol de Giere, website publisher


[PHOTO above: from Invisible Fences new musical described in issue 6.]

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